To The Dogs – To The Dogs 7″EP

Black vinyl 7″EP limited 300 copies.


Hailing from the frozen wastes of Wisconsin, TO THE DOGS are a juggernaut of classic crust. The power-trio made their public debut in December 2020 with a digitally-released three-song demo, which is now being released as their debut EP and thusly titled To the Dogs. Charging hard, charging free, TO THE DOGS have Motorcharge on lock, but also nod to classic blackthrash (think early Aura Noir) and the punkest speed metal (think classic Warfare). Theirs is a sound that’s unapologetically old-style, but refreshingly honest in its approach – not to mention addicting! Indeed, across the nine short/sharp/shocked minutes of To the Dogs, TO THE DOGS roam the post-apocalyptic wasteland on motorcycles made exclusively of spikes and chains, and then proceed to burn through that wasteland and get the fuck out. Hitch a ride now or DIE!


01. Virus
02. Prowler
03. To The Dogs


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