Ekrom – Uten Nådigst Formildelse CD


01. Bell Witch
02. The Black Flame of Seth
03. The Black Hearted Ragana
04 . Abyss of Eternity
05. Misanthropy Void
06. I Djevelens Skygge
07. My End
08. When I Enter the World of Unknown


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Jewelcase CD edition. Limited 300 copies.

A new formation hailing from darkest, coldest Norway, EKROM sound exceptionally ancient, brimming with a fire that stoked (and literally burned) the country during the early ’90s. Perhaps not surprisingly, the band is the work of two old souls: drummer Thomas Ødegaard (AKA Tex Terror, longtime drummer/vocalist of Nocturnal Breed) and vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Kharon, an early member of Norway’s Covenant, during that band’s earliest (and best) days.

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